Kaiinu's Project
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Simply, Kaiinu is a new kind of dog. Or we can say that Kaiinu is a new generation of dog... we can call it a "virtual dog" !!! A "Kaiinu", in Japanese, just means a "pet dog".

The Kaiinu's project was born from the idea to find an attractive and fun application of the Suzaku-V SZ410 board from Atmark Techno. This is a very small embedded board composed of a Virtex-4 FX FPGA (with a PowerPC 405 CPU), 64Mb of SDRAM, 8Mb of Flash Memory and 100Mb/s Ethernet controler... on just 7.2 x 4.7cm only board !!!
So, I decided to start the Kaiinu dog project which consist of :
  • The Suzaku-V main board : the brain
  • A CMOS camera : the eyes
  • 4 microphones : the ears
  • A speaker : the mounth
  • 2 electric-actuators : the neck
  • 3 electric-actuators for each of the 4 legs
  • And maybe some extension in the future : a wifi connection (the tail), a SD-Card reader, ...
I also decided to do all things by myself : electronics & mechanics parts designing and manufacturing and obviously softwares writing, including the operating system, the standard library for hardware access, the FPGA VHDL code, ... but don't worry : all the stuff (excluding hardware materials :)) are provided with an open source licence.
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